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“Fact”-Checking and Propaganda

                                                   Democratic Party “Fact”-Checking as Propaganda

The Democratic Party’s recent obsession with fact-checking is also part of the patriotic myth. It, too, is an old propaganda strategy once used by the former Soviet Union to appear as though they were equally progressing by way of production on par with the United States. They argued at the time that “facts” must be as accurate as possible. Yet, they should be discussed out of context and made as ambiguous as possible. Democratic political strategists (propogandist) returned to this old Soviet Union propaganda technique during the 2016 presidential debate when Hillary was losing badly to Trump, who was considered a political novelty. The fact checking was intended to slow his rhythm, but to no avail. Political strategists who use fact-checking as a propaganda tool have politicized “facts” to approximate ultimate reality. The strategists who operate with this propaganda medium believe that “facts in and of themselves, provide evidence and proof, and they (the public) willingly subordinate value to them.”

Ponsonby wrote in Falsehood in Wartime that “when war is declared truth is the first victim.” Dr. Goebbels also used ‘facts” as a propaganda tool and stated that facts should be used to convince the masses that a government-planned event was actually in their best interests. The soviets used “facts” to construct creative lies, which were proven to be much better than outright lying. When using “facts” as a political weapon truth is commensurate with facts, which are usually manufactured by the state, especially in a propaganda-controlled democracy. The manipulation of “facts” works quite effectively within a media-oligarchic controlled political system, where there is a marked difference between a “fact” and how it is interpreted.

For example, when there is no reason to “suppress a fact . . . tell it. . . never tell a lie which can be discovered.” This is an important rule that all political propaganda strategists must follow, because the “truth that pays is always within the realm of facts.” 

Also, within this fabricated realm of facts resides a host of multiple interpretive frameworks, which are used to interpret facts. Such as, local facts are interpreted differently from international facts. Some facts are untrue, but can be accepted as truth to serve a particular agenda.

More importantly, how facts are interpreted and then presented is more important than the fact itself. The correct presentation of facts is perhaps the sign of a mature strategist and yet, every effective politician and propagandist must become highly skilled at mastering the skill of manipulating facts. Facts must always be presented in their most abstract format and political facts must be discussed with the utmost of care. 

When facts are used for propaganda the use of ambiguous phrases should be sprinkled throughout the discourse, so that the listener is left unsure of what they are hearing. Political facts can only be effective when presented out of context. For example, a figure “may be given without reference to anything, without a correlation or a percentage or reference to a ration.” In media-propaganda systems of democracy, only the bald-face lie must be avoided. According to Dr. Goebbels, “lies must not be told except about completely unverifiable facts.”

The Democratic Party fact-checking strategy is an ultra-rightwing communist tactic that is  already having many unintended outcomes. Since its recent arrival during the 2016 presidential campaign, the de-platforming of thousands of voices differing with the neoliberal agenda have been removed from social media platforms. 

The Democratic Party has revised McCarthyism to the degree that the ole’ senator would blush. The misuse of technology, and the demonic programming of algorithms by the Democratic Party machinery, and especially the oligarchs who control the major social media platforms, may have inadvertently opened the gates of hell.

The silencing of opposition by using fabricated fact-checkers is an outdated propagandistic oppressive apparatus that is actually designed to prevent real facts from surfacing. “Facts” have never endangered the politician’s stranglehold over his constituents. Why would the Democratic Party now want to start fact-checking, when it was not a problem under the Clinton, Bush, or Obama administrations? It is not simply facts that frighten the political establishment, but it is “well known facts” that present the most difficulty for politicians. 

Well known facts threaten the political strategist’s ability to manipulate and control the masses. Well-known facts, and those who reveal them to the public with overwhelming evidence, especially in democratic regimes, seem to disappear. Sometimes well-known facts can be modified by the state if caught early before widespread dissemination. If they can be modified to fit a different narrative, they may be spared and perhaps used later within a completely different context.

Fact-checking is not on the side of the democratic strategists who are using this tool for purposes of manipulating the undecided voter. The decision to weaponize fact-checking may prove to bring more harm to the democrats than the republicans. After all, Hillary’s loss to Trump in 2016 had nothing to do with the misuse of information both candidates were using. All politicians must be skilled at using “facts” out of context, which increases their chance of winning. Trump, in part, triumphed over Hillary who supposedly was more politically skilled, by beating her at the game which she spent her adult life playing.

The use of fact-checking as a propaganda tool is not an effective use of this persuasive science. The fight for the ultimate political prize is won be appealing to one’s emotions and bypassing the cognitive process. Facts are only meaningful when carefully chosen by analysts from a pre-existing “array of facts,”  which are favorable to the candidate, “distorted,” and used “out of context.” Facts have little or no place in political battles where the winner must shoot every arrow to hit the center of the bullseye. Each time the arrow leaves the archers bow, its only objective is to hit the target. Effectiveness is all that matters in politics. “Cleverly presented truth” is the heart of all effective political campaigns. Facts are for losers.

American journalists have long ago abandoned the use of facts as the primary criteria to disseminate information. Approximately presented facts or selective facts that have a certain degree of truth are presented to the public. How the information is interpreted is the primary focus of the journalist. Its truthfulness is never open for discussion. Media oligarchs present all information as true. No explanation is ever needed. For example, Hitler spoke a lot about peace and said little of war. Even though he did manage to get England into a war, he did not start the war.

Fact-checking functions as an “inversion of the interpretation of facts.” That may have been its original intention, along with the de-platforming of millions from social media, who have rejected the neoliberal worldview. The use of fact-checking as the ultimate measure of thought or to curtail discussion is demonic. It requires or demands “pseudo-rational” proof, which is all that is needed to excommunicate one’s enemy from the social sphere, which for many may be their only connection to human activity.

Fact-obsession has been raised to the level of sacred and one must now prostrate themselves before this most unholy deity. Yet, who exactly is this god? Fact-checking is McCarthyism on steroids. Like McCarthy, it aims to force a particular perspective on those whose worldview is different than the one replicated across the social media platforms, which is controlled by liberal oligarchs. 

This undemocratic approach to force a worldview down the throats of all Americans is demonic. Fact-checking has nothing to do with discovering truth, but is a political tool designed to force one to change their worldview. It aims at capturing the undecided voters and cares little about truth, since neoliberalism has no ethical values to which it subscribes.

Excerpts from Black Political Exodus 2020: How African American Politicians and White Liberals Destroyed the Black Community by Douglas E. Thomas

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