Black Political Exodus

Congressmen Jim Clyburn and White Liberals

The Clyburn Effect

Congressman Clyburn’s support for Biden was the quintessential example of the subservient role and function of the Black politicians. Dr. King referred to politicians like Clyburn as “powerless subordinates,” who willingly sell out their own people for a morsel of stale bread. Clyburn is not the only Black politician who can be purchased on the cheap. There are many like him who will betray their community and dishonor the legacy of those who were killed fighting against unprincipled characters like Joe Biden.

Again, it is not entirely the fault of the Black politician that he is so eager to betray his community. He may have initially received the support of his people to get elected to political office. However, one can only maintain that lofty space for any considerable length with the financial support and backing of their political handlers. Clyburn is facing the same dilemma that all Black politicians will encounter if they want to remain in power. In order to maintain their political positions assigned to them, they must kiss the ring of their handler. There is no other way for Black people to run for a major political office, and they have no chances of staying in power without the backing of White oligarchs. These men would never financially support any candidate that is not first vetted and, most importantly, deemed not a threat to the status quo. Therefore, Black people should not be too upset with Clyburn or the Black Mayors, who are impotent at dealing with the criminals ravaging our cities. They all take their orders from their political handlers, who get their orders from white oligarchs, who are the new slave masters.

The Clyburn’s who represent their white masters in the Black communities, were described by King as being “victimized with the delusion that others should be more concerned than oneself about their citizenship rights.” The misplaced idea that White liberals care about Black growth and development is a myth that was exposed fifty years ago at the height of the civil rights struggle. White liberals actually abandoned the movement after they discovered they could not control its leadership. Even today, white liberals refuse to associate with Black organizations they cannot fully control in fact there are White people, or institutions anywhere on earth, that are fully concerned about the wellbeing of Black people. Just because they provide hungry people with bread does not mean they care about Black development. In fact, I personally know many White people who, on the surface, appear to do genuine work on behalf of African Americans. Yet, at a much deeper level of analysis, their involvement could be motivated out of guilt or pity.

Until Black people abandon the myth that someone is coming to save them, millions will continue to fall victim to White barbarism. While Black manufactured leaders like Clyburn lead them to the voting polls, much like a fox leading chickens into its den. Men like Clyburn and Obama, have caused many African Americans to become cynical and disillusioned over politics, especially as an effective medium to support their causes. Until the political system becomes more transparent and accessible to the public, more people will view politics as a mere con game. We need a citizens-appointed independent political czar, who will openly prosecute corrupt politicians and trigger-happy police officers who kill unarmed African Americans with judicial impunity. Unless strong measures are taken by politicians to protect Black lives, the American system of jurisprudence must be viewed as hostile to Black growth and development.

African Americans must refuse placing hope in a corrupt system that believes it has already done enough to assist them. Black Americans must develop the courage and vision to reunite their community, and take control of the communal vetting process. Black people alone, need to decide who will best represent their interests before a White supremacist’s government. If not, more plandemics are certain to catch them off guard, because evidently, they did not learn from the Katrina massacre, where an untold number of Black lives were lost.

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