Black Political Exodus


The Political Illusion and Clintonomics

         The Illusion of Democracy

Americans were on political lockdown long before the plandemic appeared. Once enough people realized that voting had little impact upon how politicians voted in congress , especially on issues affecting the average American. Many finally accepted that individual political participation in the democratic process was an illusion. Community influence over the voting process is a myth, especially in Black and poor communities. Black people in particular should have already seen through this illusion, which ended with the public execution of Dr. King. His assassination sent a clear message to Americans, especially Black Americans. They would never be in control of their communal destiny. Both political parties pander to the same powerful contending forces responsible for King’s assassination. In particular, King’s dream to provide all Americans with a guaranteed income threated the oligarchs, especially their control and manipulation over taxpayer dollars. They could not stand idle while King filled the minds of millions of otherwise ignorant Americans with an alternative vison to the economic enslavement being forced upon them.

King also discovered that the American government would never choose financial equality over the interests of the power contending forces, especially corporations that build weapons to feed the insatiable appetite of the military industrial complex. “Economic stagnation makes it impossible to fund both social welfare and higher defense budgets without higher taxes. Thus, the Democratic Party is coming apart,” writes Ferguson. “Driven by struggles between the party’s mass base, which needs more, not less, social welfare spending, and its elite constituency, which would prefer to reform the budget process, cut social spending, and raise defense expenditures.”

It is clear that ordinary Americans have no significant control over policies that directly impact their lives. While congress gives itself raises, the poor are forced to survive without a living wage. The overwhelming majority of the working class are powerless and do not fully participate in the decision-making process, which remains out of reach. The elite’s behavior is pathological, and the stranglehold they have over the poor and working class is unrelenting.

The rich have access to resources not available to the public and their money influences every aspect of daily activity. “The role profits play in capitalistic economies is unique and not at all comparable with other sources of income. Their investments in culture and information represent a major share of all politically relevant investments by major investors.” Money matters most in capitalists’ regimes. The people are constantly fed an illusion that they are participants in the political process, when in fact, they are prohibited from participating in any meaningful dialogue that could enhance their lives. People do matter if they only could awaken from the spell cast over them. Human beings are sacred and must demand the respect they deserve. Respect from property owners for the landless has never been given, but must be demanded. Human value is of little concern for the financiers who rule the country with an iron hand.

The oligarchs control everything, including the historians, whose records are dictated by the elites. The people are left groping in darkness and are misrepresented by “consensus historians,” who rewrite history to suit the interests of the big-ticket holders and financiers. For example, Ferguson argues that academics have historically been in allegiance with the money class who are the actual founders of revisionist history. “I am very skeptical about this literature’s unwillingness and inability to come finally to a point. That ordinary people are historical subjects is a vital truth; that they are the primary shapers of America’s past seems to me either a triviality or a highly dubious theory.”

The working poor and ever-expanding permanent underclass are made invisible by the big-ticket holders who control the historians, who feed from the troughs of oligarchs. Most American historians teach that Roosevelt loved America and this is the primary reason he developed the New Deal. According to Ferguson, this is the revisionist’s take on what really happened, and that Roosevelt was an elitist, whose main interest was to save capitalism. His development of the New Deal actually laid the foundation for the merger between government and the business class. (aka, American fascism)

The politician’s ties to the business class is a relationship not difficult to understand, especially in the United States. Afterall, America is an empire and as such, it must be ever-seeking new ways of expanding and controlling more subjects. Even the electoral system is sensitive to social class and, like all propaganda-driven democracies, the United States protects and preferences the socioeconomic interests of the business elite. The oligarchs and business classes are primarily concerned with how best to control the government, and at the same time, focus their attention on finding new ways to influence public opinion. The “big-ticket” holders remain the real political power in the United States. Corporate financial coalitions finance the campaigns of those who will represent their interests. Thus, our political representatives are actually enemies of the people, because they exist to protect the interests of the rich.

The relationship between our political representatives and the business class started in earnest with the New Deal. The “political coalition—one dominated by capital-intensive, multinational oriented businesses,” is the real power behind our political system. The masses are in a ruthless competition between placing their agenda on the table and preventing the oligarchs from dominating all concerns. “Competition within (between) the business community is central to the American electoral process,” writes Ferguson. The poor and working classes are an insignificant part of the illusion of democracy. In reality, the “business transactions between the elite—power sharing; is what elections are really about.”Case in point, President Trump’s tax break for the ultra-rich was similar to Roosevelt’s New Deal, with the exception that FDR’s program did help the poor to at least keep their heads above water. Trump’s tax break for the ultra-rich has no such clause for the poor. FDR’s primary financial support came from the big-ticket holders who expected to be rewarded with government contracts. Likewise, Trump expects his big-ticket holders to support the Republican Party’s political agenda in 2020.

Clintonomics 101

In 1986, Ferguson conducted a detailed study which revealed how the Democratic Party failed to evaluate the historical trajectory that moved them further away from the poor and working class. In his book entitled Right Turn: The Decline of the Democrats and the Future of American Politics, he writes, “It’s not race or the flag or foreign policy killing the Democratic Party at the Presidential level . . . since Carter, the Democrats have forfeited their ancestral identification as the ‘Party of Prosperity’. With its continuing flirtations with austerity and raising taxes, while refusing to challenge the GOP on important new issues, the party has had little to say to ordinary Americans on many issues that matter most to them.

Over three decades after Ferguson’s assessment of the Democratic Party, they remain the party of obfuscation and have yet to come to grips with the 2016 Presidential loss. Instead of focusing on real issues that impact millions of Americans, they have placed their confidence in a myth—the Trump-Russian-Collusion, about which few people even care.

In some ways, Donald Trump is indeed a political anomaly, and is known throughout New York as having direct ties with criminal organizations. In that regard, he probably has ties with the Russian underworld, and may have sought their assistance in 2016. Hillary also used questionable means to buy information from Russia that may have come from unsavory sources. There are no politicians with clean hands. Yet, the Democratic Party remains defiant, and their inability to have a real agenda to address the needs of the poor and working class, will certainly cost them votes in 2020.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are aware of how money is the controlling factor in politics, which is why she raised twice as much as her competitor. There is nothing the Russians could have done to impact the 2016 Presidential race outside of providing Trump with a few dollars or business opportunities, which might have happened. Money rules the political game, and the more money one has the more likely they can control the two-party duopoly, and finance their path to power. For example, “a single super rich investor (i.e. Mike Bloomberg) can create a ‘party’ of his own and bypass the antique trappings of mass political parties altogether.” Also, when Bill Clinton became President in 1992 with forty-three percent of the vote, it was the third lowest showing since 1828. In the 2016 presidential race, Hillary outspent Trump two to one, and according to the Boston Globe on January 27, 1993, there were more millionaires among Bill Clinton’s top advisors than H.W. Bush, or Reagan’s staff. Campaign finance reform is the only way to revolutionize the political system, because big money deforms and corrupts what we call democracy. Until real changes are. . . 

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Black Political Exodus 2020


Dr. King was correct when he stated over fifty years ago that Black political leaders are surrogates for White power. The destruction of Black leadership by white liberals is the most damaging crisis effecting the Black community. Until this problem is confronted and solved, we should not expect anything positive to develop out of this unholy alliance between African American politicians and white liberals.

Black leadership is dead.They abandoned King’s philosophy of direct confrontation, which was responsible for the gains African Americans made in the 1960’s. Real Black leadership was destroyed by white liberals, and replaced by what Dr. King called “manufactured leaders.” These corporate appointed Black leaders are disconnected from the community and serve at the behest of their white political handlers.

The uncritical support for the Democratic Party platform,  and especially weak leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, has placed the Black community in an extremely vulnerable position. The Black community lacks direction, because of its inability to select real leaders to represent their interest. Since the Black community is not permitted to choose their leaders, they are made to accept the weak candidates forced upon them by white liberals.

African Americans are in trouble. Their political handlers have stripped them of all power to make positive changes in their communities. The killing of unarmed black adults and children by white police officers, with judicial impunity, is a clear indicator that African Americans are under a systematic military style of attack. Why hasn’t the Democratic Party leadership made solving this issue a priority? Where is Nancy Pelosi when it really counts?

African Americans lack of political leadership has a devastating effect on the growth and development of the Black community. The lack of leadership is responsible for its stagnation and regression over the last sixty years. This lack of leadership is by design. Immediately after the death of Dr. King, the white money class took control over Black communal leadership, by financing the political campaigns of those who would represent their interest. That unholy subservient alliance signaled the death of real Black leadership. From the moment that alliance was sealed, African American politicians could no long represent the real interests of their constituents. They now serve at the behest of their political handlers and financial backers.

Today, there are no major Black politicians who have any measurable impact on changing the dismal predictions facing the Black community. The only hope for Black political leadership is to adopt the political philosophy of Dr. King, which centered upon nonviolent, Militant, Direct Confrontation with one’s enemies. Otherwise, the Black community will sink further into a state of powerlessness, until they become an ever-growing threat to the national security of the state. When that happens, police killings and other acts of white vigilantism, will become the law of the land.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. African Americans can decide to honor their ancestors and re-engage the enemy who has already destroyed millions of Black lives. Either we can choose to live in fear and experience something far less than life, or, we can develop the courage to confront those individuals and forces that are at war with Black growth and development.

Either way, we must move beyond just merely surviving, and develop the courage to live life in its fullness. As Orwell reminds us in his classic book 1984, that each of us will have to decide upon the Quality of life we want to experience: “But if the object is to stay Human, what difference does it ultimately make.” I don’t know about you, but I chose to stay Human.


The world has entered a turning point that signals a new beginning for some, and the end of an illusion for many. The masses in particular are entering a frightening time, in which they will find themselves surviving at the mercy of the oligarchs, who now have publicly taken over the world. The elite have always controlled the financial markets throughout history, but now they dominate a much larger share and their obsession and greed will lead to war.

There will be blood. This much we know is inevitable. Unfortunately, most of the blood will come from those who are programmed by the oligarchs for self-destruction. This is what happens to a society who surrenders independent thought for group-think. When a people no longer are allowed to express themselves and forced to adopt a politically correct rhetoric that is completely anti-democratic, one should not be surprised of the kind of people it produces. Not only is the news fake, but the people being produced from the propaganda they are forced to imbibe are also fake.

So now we have fake people who are feed a constant diet of fake news. Why should anyone be surprised when people like Donald Trump or Joe Biden are placed in positions of leadership? Neither are real leaders and how could it be any other way? Fake people are incapable of providing the masses with anything of substance. Therefore, the people selected to represent us, Must, out of necessity, be as detached from reality, as are the masses are from themselves. We are all as estranged from what is real, as we are from the power inside us.

There will be blood! When a people are no longer allowed to fully express themselves, and forced to adopt politically correct rhetoric that is anti-democratic, one should not be surprised of the violence it produces. It is the height of foolishness to believe that political solutions to problems effecting ordinary people can be resolved by the current political system, which is bereft of ethical principles.

Jacques Ellul argues in his book The Political Illusion, that we will never experience freedom until we first “demythologize politics, and put it into its proper place; it’s limited place.” This demands that we redirect our attention and place our focus on the “reformation of the democratic citizen,” because the system is beyond repair.

The reformation of the citizen requires that individuals have the right to express themselves. Freedom of thought cannot exist, until we demythologize they myths that imprison each of us. One of the recurring myths that has captured most Americans is the belief that “we the people” participate in the political process. It is the most harmful of all political dogma and creates the illusion that the people control the government by voting. In reality, the average citizen has no control over who is selected to represent them before a hostile government. The government is controlled by oligarchs like Bill Gates, who for all practical purposes, purchased the World Health Organization.

The oligarchs have never been subjected to how one votes or if they vote at all. Their political control over  the financial market and the people is undeniable. In fact, life has become so politicized and reduced to voting for issues that are illusory at best. This has led to what Ellul described as a “boundless inflation of the state’s size and power. Our increasing dependence on the government and decreasing control over it by the people, who think they control it.”

Control over the people is maintained by propaganda. When the oligarchs engage in propaganda, they use the media. They in fact own the media, which is why Trump constantly refers to them as the “fake media.” He is correct. Their objective is to “ mobilize support for the special interests that dominate the state,” writes Chomsky.

Not only is the media fake, but so are the politicians who are media driven, much like any other entertainer. They specialize in creating  illusions, and thereby cause many to believe they are in office to serve the community they represent. The real function of the media is to “manipulate images and spin information by the mass media. The manipulated images are controlled by the media and are deliberately, at times, ambiguous, to allow all interpretations and translations, and the graver the situation the more managed and edited will be the version fed to the public.”

There will be blood. Without the shedding of blood there is No remission of sins. War is unavoidable. Not because the people desire war, but the oligarchs, who control the masses, use war as a control mechanism to keep the citizens under a constant reign of terror. Orwell’s commentary in his book 1984, on the new use of war as a tool of propaganda is timely and quite revealing: “War, it will be seen, is now a purely an internal affair. In the past, the ruling groups of all countries, although they might recognize their common interest and therefore limit the destructiveness of war, did fight against one another, and the victor always plundered the vanquished. In our own day they are not fighting against one another at all. The war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects, and the object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory, but to keep the structure of society intact.”

For example, September 11, 2001 or 9/11 was an internal war waged against American citizens from hidden powers within the country. It did not have the global effect as expected, although it did change much of the world. Today, the plandemic is another act of war. This time the effects are global. The world has already undergone drastic changes from which we are unlikely to recover.

The war is real. We cannot return to the pre-plandemic era when we hid from the truth. We have seen the enemy and unless we are willing to fight against these inhumane undemocratic forces of darkness, what we use to call freedom, will become a word so far removed from our memory, that even the coward will gladly choose to die, rather than live in an oppressive world controlled by oligarichal forces who are at war with human growth and development.

The Black Community Must Evaluate their Relationship with White Liberals


The political climate in the United States can be understood by checking our historical record. There is little new about where we are today in the country regarding how politics usually operates. Since the election of Donald Trump many people seem to be suffering from historical amnesia. They think Trump alone is responsible for the cultural divide in America. However, even a brief glance into the historical record shows that Trump is not an aberration, but is in fact, a much clearer reflection of the American norm than was his predecessor, Barack Obama, who was correctly described by the words, “an exaggerated American”,  one who so much “imitated White values and mores, that he entered the cartoonish realm of outright buffoonery.”

We deceive ourselves when appraising the present climate apart from its historical context. Our refusal to assess our present state of affairs and ignore history is especially troublesome for African Americans. Selective memory is always more damaging for those who are oppressed and in many ways, African Americans are experiencing conditions similar to those that confronted their ancestors prior to the Emancipation Proclamation. There is perhaps no figure in American history that spent more of his life trying to civilize the United States than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was indeed a true believer in the American Dream, which he believed was enthroned within the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

He was wrong.

King would spend much of his brief life unsuccessfully appealing to what he called “White folks of goodwill.” He was convinced that maybe a few of the men wielding political power would honor those documents that, at least on paper, respected equally the lives of all human beings.

He was wrong.

King appealed to those he perceived as “white men of good will,” hoping that they would honor the  that claimed to respect the rights of all human beings. He believed that if he could just convince a few to honor their forefathers who wrote “all men are created equal,” then maybe these words would be interpreted to include African Americans as well.

He was wrong.

Initially, he viewed America’s founding documents, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as sacred, but changed his belief after many years of fighting the system and directly appealing to those in power. After several years of struggle and disappointment, King later realized that those documents upon which America was founded, could not penetrate the malignant hearts of those in power. He would later realize that his political strategy of appealing to the goodwill of White men in power was “unwarranted optimism.” King would describe his uncritical confidence in White liberals and people of goodwill as “misplaced optimism.” King once believed that even the worst and most virulent racists were capable of redemption. Just before his assassination, he admitted that he was overly optimistic in his views on race relations, and those who had openly chained themselves to the philosophy of White supremacy had moved beyond the reach of redemption. These people had clearly rejected the cosmic force of justice, only to worship a god who upheld their perverted vision of the universe. Those men who controlled America’s system of justice were not unlike Hitler, who borrowed much of his philosophy from the American eugenic theorists.

When and Where We Enter the Struggle

The history of African Americans in the United States is a long and painful narrative, depicting a people longing to survive in an environment extremely hostile to their growth and development as human beings. More than any American in the last one hundred years, Dr. King dedicated his short life in search of salvation for African Americans. In the beginning he thought that real salvation would be granted to Black Americans if they were given access to political power. “Give us the ballot,” he wrote, “and we will transform the south.”

King was a true believer in the American Dream and this ongoing search for equality through political action continues to be the primary medium of change for African Americans. At the expense of rejecting other modes of deliverance (perhaps more effective at making the illusive dream of freedom a reality), Black Americans still believe that the political route to full citizenship is the only path available to secure a lasting freedom. Whereas, I believe like Orwell who wrote in his classic book 1984, that being human, eclipses all other ways of being in the world.

The year 2019 was designated as The Year of Remembrance, because itmarked four hundred years since the arrival of Africans in North America.Volumes have been written about their “beautiful struggle”, while an ongoing internal battle continues and more sophisticated obstacles are placed on their path to freedom. Yet in spite of the many challenges and obstacles placed in their path to wholeness, many continue to search for new ways to embrace their full humanity. Dr. King was fond of quoting Victor Hugo as a reminder of the destiny of African Americans and likewise, in this Year of Remembrance, African Americans have another opportunity to carry out the mission many gave their lives to make a reality. Once Black people are at another critical juncture in human history, marking “an idea whose time has come.”

In this Year of Remembrance,African Americans must re-evaluate their stages of development in the United States. A look into the historical record reveals that Black growth has been stymied by what King called “power contending forces.” These unholy forces have arrayed themselves against the Black collective and prevented millions from embracing their full humanity. The “power contending forces” block Black growth and development and have commandeered many organizations that once celebrated Black life, including taking over the Black Church. These “power contending forces” control every major Black leader who is forced by his political handlers to function in the Black community much like the overseers on southern plantations. It was these compromised Black leaders, appointed by outside forces, and “white people of goodwill”, who Dr. King later discovered were the greatest obstacles to Black growth and development.

African Americans must re-evaluate their allegiance to these power contending forces and the neoliberals who have blocked them from embracing their full humanity. After checking the historical record, one soon discovers that many who claimed to be representatives of Black growth and development turned out to be its greatest enemy. The decision to re-evaluate White neoliberals, masquerading as friends of Black folk, is the most difficult challenge facing African Americans in the twenty-first century. This is an idea whose time for critique has come. These hostile forces to Black growth have continuously blocked all efforts toward substantial progress.

African Americans will not move forward as a united people, until they have the courage to confront those White liberals pretending to be friendly, who at the same time are aligned with the same oligarchical forces that appropriated over a trillion dollars to feed the military industrial complex’s demonic appetite for war. Only when Black people develop the courage to directly confront the economic and social policies of the power contending forces, can they collectively progress. Now, only the Black celebrity class and vetted politicians, have benefited from this corrosive system, that continues to regard the Black Collective, as less than fully human. Black leadership does not exist in the Black community, because those politicians who took a solemn oath to serve their constituents, have compromised their values to maintain a relationship with their white neoliberal handlers. These political handlers controlling Black politicians, have become the new slave masters, which was on full display when Congressman Clyburn prostrated himself before Joe Biden.