Black Political Exodus

The Crisis of Black Leadership

Much of the black political leadership in the United States has dishonored the struggle that began in earnest immediately after slavery ended and later intensified with the civil rights movement spearheaded by Dr. Martin L. King Jr. and other courageous African Americans.

The civil rights movement died with King but has since changed in ways that are far more sinister than our forbearers could ever have imagined. This movement had been created for and by African Americans to gain their citizenship and, more importantly, their right to express their humanity as fully equal human beings.

[DS1] Many black Americans cried with joy when Barack Obama was elected president, joy that blinded them and totally obscured their ability to understand the context responsible for Obama’s rise to power. We must remember that the Bush 1&2 regimes were responsible for the deaths of at least two million Iraqi people, mostly children, without any provocation from their government.

After this act of barbarism, the world began to re-evaluate the US, as it was becoming exceedingly clear that America was returning to the same barbarism that had ushered in the Dark Ages catapulting Europe into centuries of barbarism.

Like Trump, Obama’s appointment to the presidency was the greatest betrayal of people of good will in world history. Underclasses worldwide really believed Obama represented a new opportunity for the downtrodden of the world, much like the hordes of uneducated poor whites and college-degreed white women who voted for Trump because they too thought that Trump had their interests at heart.

The Obama deception was not completely his fault but he knowingly allowed influential people to use him, influential people whose real agenda would have been impossible to execute without his support and compliance.

Sadly, there are few black politicians who have the courage to put the needs of their constituency above the demands of their white benefactors. This should give pause to all would-be black politicians to conduct a thorough investigation of history before taking on the task of representing America’s most despised and rejected. Those who seek to represent African Americans must respect their history and, more importantly, possess the courage necessary to put their interests before those whose financial support is diametrically in opposition to the ideals that enhance black humanity.

Bush’s Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and under Obama, Susan Rice, as well as General Powell and others too numerous to name — lacked the courage required to represent America’s most despised and rejected, and yet they willingly accepted their subservient roles as instruments for advancing white imperialism; fully aware that the black masses would gain nothing from their appointment to positions of influence.

In the end, African Americans’ status as second class citizens would remain intact because, in reality, black political power is purely an illusion and has never existed in the United States.

In this regard, Trump is nobler than any and all of our black politicians because he unabashedly and openly is committed to stirring the flames of white supremacy, which is what he was placed in office to accomplish. Whereas Trump aggressively seeks men and women who advance his pro-nationalist right-wing agenda, Obama lacked the courage to advance anything of value, including Obamacare, which is why it was so easily dismantled by Trump and his billionaire thugs who cared nothing about the lives of nonwhite people. Still, most blacks forgave Obama for being weak and, even worse, for completely ignoring their most basic needs.

These cowardly acts were responsible for Trump’s victory—not the Russians. The Democratic Party gambled with Hillary and lost knowing the likely outcome, allowing Trump to assume office and begin dismantling decades of hard earned gains that countless people died to bring into being. Yet, the Democrats’ passing the torch to Hillary took precedent over preserving the small gains made toward democracy that many had given their lives to defend.

The Democratic Party must absolutely be blamed for allowing Trump to take office, not Russian collusion; if it ever existed, which Google Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Pichal, testifying under oath before Congress, said Google uncovered, after a thorough investigation, less than five thousand dollars spent by Russians during the 2016 election. Compared to the billions spent trying to place Hillary in power, this virtually amounted to pennies.

Nevertheless, as 2018 ended, the Democratic Party still refused to address the real causes leading to their downfall. Along with the Republican Party, both were (and are) beholden to financial forces that have commandeered what little democracy that remains in America. Now the white gloves are off and we have openly entered an era that will make the European Dark Ages seem like child’s play.

An excerpt from my book, Black Exodus 2020: How African Americans Politicians and White Liberals Destroyed the Black Community. Available on Amazon.

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