Black Political Exodus


How African American Politicians

and White Liberals Destroyed

the Black Community

Douglas E. Thomas

Guidinglight Books International

Unites States of America

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Black Political Exodus 2020: How African American Politicians and White Liberals Destroyed the Black Community

by Douglas E. Thomas.

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  1. Manufactured Black Leadership
  2. The Political Illusion
  3. Neoliberalism and Black Leadership
  4. Neoliberalism: Without Ethical Principles
  5. The Political Illusion
  6. Economic Myths of Salvation
  7. Propaganda: A Definition
  8. Conclusions



I dedicate this book as an offering to the life and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In January 2019, I consulted King’s spirit, asking him several questions. First among them was where did African Americans go wrong? What caused us to sin (miss the mark), and stray far away from the mandate that he and many others gave their lives for us to follow?

Dr. King began to provide answers to my inquiry, as I spent the next year studying his life. I methodically and systematically, read, reread, fasted, and meditated, over again and again, upon his words. I studied his words precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little.

Black Political Exodus 2020 resulted from that inquiry and download. This book is not only dedicated to the life and memory of Dr. King but the dialogue throughout the text is analyzed through the historical lens and methodology he employed to fight against white supremacy.

After teaching a seminar at Lincoln University on the writings and speeches of Dr. King, I became intrigued with how much I didn’t know about him. Yes, like most of us, I was familiar with the Dream Speech and his commitment to social justice. My image of him was shaped by the views of those who painted a portrait of a man that appealed to all Americans; one non- threatening to oligarchs and neoliberals on one hand, and on the other hand, a manufactured image of a man loved by all. This was not the man I came to know as I studied his words line upon line.

Dr. King was a complex figure who deeply loved all people, especially Black Americans. He loved them so, that he willingly laid down his life for them.

Peace be upon him. May he be praised in this life, as he is in the hereafter.

I present this offering to my Ori. May it be received and found acceptable in their sight.



I came to this writing project asking one question, “How did African Americans come to be programmed to self-destruct?” My exploration led me to the southern plantations of the United States, which in the 17th century, was where the psychological programming of enslaved Africans began in earnest. The programming began as physical torture to control behavior and demand unquestionable obedience. Later, this method of control was modified and combined with psychological programming, since it was necessary for the enslaved Africans body to remain strong enough to carry out the physical labor demanded of the planter-class.

In Black Political Exodus 2020, we analyze how the programming of enslaved Africans started, and how after four hundred years, its effects are equaling as persuasive. Its impact upon the behavior of most middle-class African Americans continues to have the same negative impact as it did upon most of their ancestors.

Today in the twenty-first century, African Americans are no longer needed for physical labor, yet, are under the worst kind of assault in four hundred years. There is one word that partially explains the vicious and continuous attack against them: propaganda. This is the one word that seems to make the most sense and, in some ways, attempts to at least explain the psychological warfare currently waged against African Americans.

The idea that African Americans have been psychologically programmed begins to explain why people of African descent throughout the world, who have likewise been under the unrelenting attack of White supremacy have also been the victims of a propaganda of terror. This is the only thing that makes sense, unless one believes that Black people are under some kind of cosmic curse, which, I suppose, is also possible? What else explains the dread, the docility and self-censorship that has stagnated Black growth and development for over five hundred years?


The political climate in the United States can be understood by checking our historical record. There is little new about where we are today in the country regarding how politics usually operates. Since the election of Donald Trump many people seem to be suffering from historical amnesia. They think Trump alone is responsible for the cultural divide in America. However, even a brief glance into the historical record shows that Trump is not an aberration, but is in fact, a much clearer reflection of the American norm than was his predecessor, Barack Obama, who was correctly described by the words, “an exaggerated American”,  one who so much “imitated White values and more

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